Originally from the Washington, DC area, but I called Richmond, Virginia, home for over a decade. In 2004, I moved to Los Angeles, which presented me with a very different world from the one I left — but found the art, food, diversity and weather to be a wonderfully rich experience. In 2011, I gravitated to Austin, Texas, for my nostalgia of living in a smaller, more accessible city. I found Austin to possess a healthy mix of diversity and creativity, which was key in finding a new place to call home. Perhaps a happy medium, Austin sits squarely between Virginia and California — providing a change of scenery, rhythm, people and weather.

Designing within the context of various industries and environments — as a designer, art director and project manager in print and web mediums has provided the opportunity to explore genres as diverse as fashion, beauty, powersports, music, finance, education, government, religion, and healthcare.

I believe a career is about change and evolution — not always easy, but necessary — constantly learning new and better ways, being influenced by my surroundings, whether they be people or places. And yet, finding my own way to interpret the external is part of that process. I look forward to experiencing different ways of working, with individuals who are motivated, passionate, and have a desire to produce quality work, both individually and as part of a cohesive, communicative team. I enjoy knowledge sharing, as I believe everyone possesses unique strengths and diverse points of view. And of course, the ability to have a sense of humor and good coffee is paramount to a job well done...

In the mean time, email me for availability or discussion... download my résumé, follow me on twitter and say hello! Please email directly for a more detailed, unabridged résumé.

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